How High to Hang the Bedroom Curtains

May 9th

Bedroom curtains – Hanging curtains is challenging work. The way a curtain hangs changes the look of a room and will either pull the elements of a room together or make it appear as if it is not functional. In addition to aesthetics, hanging curtains, curtains must also be functional. They should cover the window completely, with enough room on either side to push the curtains out of the way when necessary. Choose a curtain height that works for the kind of curtain you have, the size of the window and the look you are trying to project.

Stylish Bedroom Curtains
Stylish Bedroom Curtains

Hang your bedroom curtains at ceiling height to create a large, open power in the room. This is a popular method for hanging curtains, according to the design library, a website dedicated to home furnishings. Hanging curtains on ceiling height requires long curtains, but will allow lots of light into the room and will showcase window. Hanging curtains this way also requires that they are wider so that they can be pushed aside to let in as much light as possible. This is a very elegant look. Hang curtains at the height of the window.

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Hang the curtains just above the window. This height is used if the curtains are just slightly too long to hang from the ceiling, or if you use tab curtains. Tab curtains must be hung higher because they hang one or two inches lower than the bar before they start blocking the light. If you have wide trims, you will also need to hang bedroom curtains over the window because you will not be able to screw into the support beam right above the window. Install rod about 3 inches above the window.